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Recycling Window Treatments and Going Green


For many of us, the past year has meant with new goals and projects that includes giving our homes a makeover. Those projects will most likely include updating your window treatments to match your new style. At Window Treats Inc. our customers often ask what they can do with their old window treatments without filling up landfills. If don’t have a clue where to start, the following suggestions will give you a place to start.

Evaluate Your Window Treatments

Ask yourself. Are you window treatments in good working order or is there no hope for them? If your blinds or shades are in working order, donate them. They will be new to someone else. Popular donation options are:

  • Goodwill or Salvation Army Stores
  • Habitat For Humanity Restore
  • Friends or Students

If there is no hope, recycle your old blinds and shades. Bet you never thought of these ideas before.

Shades from Polyester Fabric

A popular window treatment is honeycomb shades. Typically made from polyester fabric, which is already made-out of recycled materials. At the present time there is no way to recycle polyester fabric. So, how about donating it to a school or after-school program for craft projects.  Just cut the fabric off the headrail.

Blinds from Wood, Faux Wood, or Woven Wood

If your blinds have been painted, stained, or have PVC in them, they can’t be recycled. Again, find a school or after-school program that might be able to use them for art projects. Or, how about around your own home. Every had a piece of furniture that is wobbly. Cut the slats into small pieces and use them as a wedge or use full slats to line shelves. You may be able to recycle the hardware.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum or metal blinds already have an infrastructure to recycle such materials. But before you head to the scrap yards, remove all the strings to free the slats from the headrail. A quick cleaning is also a good idea.

Fabric from Roman Shades and Draperies

If your shades or drapery fabric is ripped or torn, but the fabric from the hardrail. Donate it to a clothing donation center or a school or after-school program for craft projects. Like with blinds, you may be able recycle any hardware.

Still Unsure What to do with your Old Window Treatments, Look Online!

If all else fails and you are finding yourself running into walls on what do to with your old blinds and shades, use online resources, such as to find a recycling center near you.

Embracing Green Practices Throughout Your Home

With the variety of home improvement shows on the air, people have taken to either remodeling themselves or hiring a contractor.  Either way, decisions must be made on what type of materials will be used.  You also hear quite often to embrace green practices. May not be the easy way, but the impact on the environment will be worth it.

There is so much information available on the Internet. To help you get started on your next project, here are some helpful sites on recycling and going green.

Remember…doing your research and asking the professionals before jumping in, will give you a home you can be proud of. You may even find a new use for that old refrigerator!