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Why Motorized Shades Are Something Every Homeowner Needs

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Motorization is an ever growing category in the window treatment industry. Although motorized shades might have once seemed like just a luxury, more homeowners are making this investment for their homes. Motorized shades, also known as smart shades or blinds, are extremely useful, have a large selection of styles, and can help you save money on your electricity bill. Here is some more information on motorized blinds and why they are a feature that every homeowner needs.


Motorization is not just for shades. Homeowners are using motorization for their heating, air conditioning, lights, and much more. Some people are looking for that complete automation in their homes. Window shades and drapery are part of this step towards automation and true convenience. If you can turn on and off appliances, televisions, and light switches all from one place in your home, why not operate your shades the same way?

As their name implies, motorized shades raise and lower via a motor, which means you don’t have to fuss with lift cords, chains, or even cordless solutions. Unlike standard shades that require you to change their position by hand, motorized shades are operational via a battery, motor, or DC connection. With the aid of a wall mount, smartphone app, remote control, or even voice-integrated smart controls, one can schedule or adjust smart shades.

Roller shades are the most popular type of shades for motorization. Roller shades help you easily manage the amount of sunlight the space receives. Many manufacturers create roller shade blinds with high-performance fabrics to create solar screens that control glare, heat penetration, and UV rays. Roller shades are often used to block most light from entering a room, which is particularly useful in rooms like bedrooms and home theaters, but are available in many opacities ranging from sheer to light-filtering to room-darkening and blackout.


Ready-made shades can be an unnecessary hassle for elderly people. They can be difficult to reach, can get tangled easily, or require too much moving around. Motorized shades are a great way for older people to have the flexibility to adjust their shades just the way they want them with a press of a button. Additionally, the shades can even be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day. In this way, people don’t even need to press a button at all!

In the same way, motorized shades can make a world of difference for those with special needs. Motorized blinds are ideal for placement on windows where direct access to them is awkward, such as behind a couch or high up on the wall. Whether they want to use a button, a program, or voice automation, the motorized shades are much simpler to use.

Motorized shades also make the job for repair technicians easier. Luckily, replacing slats is relatively easy to do, even on electric blinds. Not only do motorized shades not break as often due to their simplistic design, but when they do need repair it is usually a quick electric fix. Motorized shades can definitely be a worthwhile investment in the comfort and efficiency of any home. This is especially worth it for tall windows, windows that are high up, or windows that are otherwise difficult to reach. Motorization in rooms with lots of windows that need to be opened and closed regularly will make a significant difference in the ease of use.


Another benefit of motorized shades to consider is that they don’t have long cords like ready- made shades too. We would like to prevent even one fatality due to the cords on these blinds.. This is also a hazard for cats and dogs who may play around blinds and get tangled up. Blinds with a manual cord lock are one of the most dangerous blinds for children and pets.

Although they have limited the production and sales of corded blinds, this danger is still prevalent. Motorized shades do not have any dangling cords or other hazards because the technology is all housed in the top rail. This adds peace of mind for everyone, especially for households with young children and pets.


One of the best ways home automation impacts your lifestyle is through your morning and night routine. The beauty of your smart home is that you can customize it to make your lifestyle easier. In this case, that means setting it to a predetermined overnight mode. Once it’s time to wake up, your system will spring into action.

 If you draw your shades at night for privacy, that probably means that when your morning alarm goes off, you’re in a dim or dark bedroom. As a result, you’re setting yourself up for a groggy morning. However, with an automated home, you can start your morning the right way. Your motorized shades can be automated to open with the sunrise to allow you to wake up more naturally and provide you with the light needed to get ready. Setting your motorized window blinds to gradually open in the morning will wake you up slowly and naturally rather than abruptly. Everyone can benefit from waking up peacefully, which really makes motorized window blinds an excellent choice for bedrooms for people of all ages.

Even more advanced, your automated system can start your coffee maker, play music, and more. Through a smart system app, you can select multiple rooms or the entire house’s shades, activating them all. By nighttime, tell your system to lower your shades, and you’ll enjoy instant privacy hands-free. The same system is great for a nighttime routine. Slowly dimming the lights is a great way to fall asleep faster.

Furthermore, maybe certain rooms or hallways in your house lack ample sunlight. Or perhaps it’s a dark, cloudy day. You can pair your motorized shades with tunable smart lighting for mood-boosting light. Tunable lights automatically adjust their brightness and intensity throughout the day, mimicking natural sunlight. Automation and motorized shades are a great combination to create the perfect environment at all times for your home.


Your motorized shades are very flexible for your needs. You can have the shades all the way up, all the way down, partially either way, or right in the middle. This allows the utmost convenience for different lighting needs throughout the day.

Most types of shades can be motorized in some way, so the sky is truly the limit to what you can do with your window treatments. You can match the colors of your home, go for a classic neutral tone, and even pick the fabric. Even wood blinds can be motorized to tilt!


Some newer motorized shades use Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth allows you to connect the shades to an app instead of having to physically push a button on them that may be out of reach. On the other hand, physical remotes are still a great option for when you have guests over so they don’t have to undergo the hassle of downloading an app.

Some shades offer a sun sensor feature. Sun sensors detect when to automatically raise or lower your blinds to either warm up or keep cool the inside your home. This is a great way to reduce your heating and air conditioning costs. Many homeowners underestimate just how much their home’s temperature can be affected by their windows. In fact, the weakest part of a building is the windows. That is where all heat comes in during the summer or goes out during the winter. This heat transfer can be reduced by having smart motorized shades. Block out heat in the summer, allow heat in during sunny days during the winter, and minimize downdraught during a winter night by automatically closing and opening the blinds as needed.

In the same way, direct sun exposure can cause discoloration, fading, and irreversible damage to furniture in your home. Motorized blinds help homeowners protect their valuables by allowing automated programming to control how much light enters the room and when.


Motorized shades and home automation are the future of home design. They will never stop improving, and the future holds exciting new features and advancements in this technology.

When you upgrade your shades to be motorized, the ROI, or return on investment, for your home will increase greatly. To ensure your home value increases, the design of window treatments should compliment the home’s existing decor and provide a value-added function. Motorized shades are seen as a plus to most buyers.

Motorized shades are estimated to cost between $500-$800 per shade. In general, ready-made window coverings amount to about 2% of the value of the house. You can expect motorization to raise that figure to 5%. Your shades will come with in-depth warranties. The cost varies depending on the style, design, size, and number of windows. You therefore have plenty of options to choose from. As mentioned before, you may even be able to convert your existing blinds into smart blinds. This could save you from buying new custom motorized blinds. Motorization kits, or automation kits, let you add a motor to your current blinds or shades.

If you are wondering how long motorized shades will last, it depends on the type you get. Battery-powered blinds come with their own battery to power the motor that moves them. These are also called wireless blinds because they do not need any wiring to electric outlets. The alkaline batteries used in these blinds may need to be replaced every year, which is based on four movements a day. The second type or motorized blinds are mains powered blinds. These are connected to your home’s electricity system and will work as long as there is electricity. Motorized blinds that are connected to your home's main system and operated with a smartphone could last forever if they don’t have any mechanical damages. On the other hand, battery powered blinds will need battery replacements about every year. This is still a very low maintenance expense and your blinds will last a long time, especially with proper care.


Although there is a trend towards complete home automation, you can use motorized shade without having the entire home automated. Motorized shades are very versatile and relatively simple to install. You do not necessarily need the fancy bluetooth and smart features in your home for these shades to serve their purpose. You can use motorized shades in unison with other home automation or on its own.

Some of the more common uses for these motorized shades other than just basic windows are for foyers and bathrooms. Many homeowners want to keep the sunlight coming through their foyer windows as much as possible. However, there are also times where sun blocking and privacy are also needed, especially during the summer when the sunlight create a lot of heat. The same thing can be said for bathroom windows. Not every homeowner feels like they need shades covering their high bathroom windows. But for others, privacy is necessary if their windows are lower. In both instances, motorized shades are the perfect solution. The automation allows homeowners to raise and lower the shades whenever they need to without having to reach the window itself. Motorized shades come in plenty of styles and design choices to ensure that the foyer and bathroom windows remain elegant and beautiful.

With an integrated home automation system, your automated shades can work together with your Wi-Fi, thermostat, and lighting control system to create the most comfortable and appropriately lit home environment. When you factor in the aesthetic, the convenience, and the functionality of motorized shades, it is clear why they are becoming a necessity for many homeowners.


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