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High Quality Commercial Window Treatments in New Jersey

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Get Custom Hunter Douglas Window Treatments that Match Your Needs

At Window Treats Inc., we value our business partners and customers. Our team of professionals are experts in all types of window treatments. We specialize in Hunter Douglas commercial window treatments and offer a wide range of solutions to meet any type of budget or design requirement. Whether you need blackout curtains, light filtering shades, Jacquard drapes, pleated blinds, or motorized shades, Window Treats Inc. has you covered! Our professional installation team will ensure your window treatments are installed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring your windows look their best. With years of experience in the commercial window treatment industry, we guarantee our workmanship and provide excellent customer service.

If you're on the fence about getting commercial window treatments for your business, know that Window Treats Inc. offers a variety of benefits, including increased privacy, better energy efficiency, and improved aesthetics and branding for any space. We proudly serve businesses throughout the tri-state area and offer one of the best selections of window treatments in NJ at competitive prices. 


Commercial window treatments are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, such as privacy, light control, and design. These treatments range from simple drapery or blinds to more specialized products like automated shades and blackout drapery. They can be used in any space ranging from an office building to a retail store.

Many people think businesses don't need custom window treatments, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Window Treats Inc. has designed and installed countless commercial window treatments in NJ and the surrounding area, which have improved the look of many spaces and provided privacy when needed. 

Why Invest in Hunter Douglas Commercial Window Treatments in NJ?

Custom window treatments can be used to create a professional look for your office or store. They also offer several other benefits, allowing you to know your investment is sound and secure. Some of the reasons businesses reach out to us for help include the following:

  • Better Aesthetics

Put yourself in your customer's shoes, and think about how you want them to feel when they enter your office or store. Custom window treatments can help set the tone for the room, making it look more inviting and professional. In addition, the perfect window treatment can also turn your space from cold and dark to inviting and comfy. This, in turn, can make your clients more likely to do business with you!

  • Increased Privacy

Commercial window treatments can also provide more privacy for your business, preventing curious eyes from peeking in. This is especially important during meetings and conferences, as well as when you're dealing with confidential information. Window Treats Inc. offers a wide range of blackout curtains and other products to ensure complete privacy, no matter the situation. From blinds and shutters in the conference room to window shades covering your office, commercial window treatments can go a long way in ensuring privacy and security.

  • Better Energy Efficiency

By installing custom window treatments, you can improve your office's or store's energy efficiency. This is especially true with window shades, which can keep the sunlight out and reduce the amount of energy you use on air conditioning. Drapery can also help insulate your office, saving on energy bills year-round. This can save you money in the long run and help reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, with so many overhead costs associated with running a business, any savings can help you reach your bottom line.

  • Increased Privacy

    Nothing is worse than having an office or store that's too dark or bright to work in. Window Treats Inc. can customize your commercial window treatments so you get the right amount of light, depending on the time of day or season. We offer a variety of products to adjust the amount of natural light that comes in. By controlling the light, you can ensure that you have enough light to work in while maintaining privacy. You can also allow your employees to control the light in their space so that they can work comfortably.

These are just some of the many benefits of investing in commercial window treatments in NJ. With Window Treats Inc., you can find the perfect window treatment to meet your needs and help make the most of your office or store.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Window Treatments?

Commercial window treatments can be used in any business, whether you own a retail store, office building, restaurant, or any other type of commercial space. There are even more specialized products for places like daycare centers and medical offices that need to maintain the highest level of privacy and security.

Window Treats Inc. will work with you to find the perfect window treatment for your business needs. We understand how important it is for businesses to have the best possible window treatments, which is why we strive to deliver superior quality at an affordable price. We've worked with many types of companies in the past, including: 

  • Doctor Offices

With patients already feeling vulnerable, it's essential to make sure that they feel as safe and secure as possible. Window Treats Inc. offers a variety of blackout drapery, shades, and other products to ensure that the patient's privacy is maintained at all times. Some commercial window treatments can also help reduce noise from outside so that patients can relax and focus on their treatments.

  • Retail Stores

You want customers to be able to see what you have to offer from outside of your store, but not too much! Window Treats Inc. can help you find the perfect window treatments for your retail space. For instance, if you run a trendy clothing store, you can choose something stylish that will draw customers in, like pleated drapery or Roman shades. Or, if you run a Home Goods store, you may want to opt for more simple, functional window treatments. No matter what you choose, our team can help make sure that the window treatments fit your store and its aesthetic perfectly.

  • Hotels

Hotels need window treatments that will limit the amount of light coming in for guests who want to sleep late but also allow enough natural light for those who wake up early. Window Treats Inc. can help you find the perfect window treatment no matter your guest's needs. From blackout drapery to motorized shades and everything in between, we have something for every hotel and every room.

  • Commercial Offices

From law offices to corporate spaces, you want your office to look professional and inviting. Window Treats Inc. can help you find the perfect window treatments for your office space. We offer a variety of options that will look great and provide privacy without taking away from the professional atmosphere. We can also add custom window treatments to areas such as the conference room, reception area, or any other specific areas that need to look their best.

  • Restaurants

The ambiance of a restaurant is essential in setting the mood for customers. You can create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere with custom window treatments from Window Treats Inc.. We can help you choose the perfect drapery, shades, or blinds to let in enough light without too much glare so that customers can still see your menu and decor. For more traditional restaurants, we also offer window valances, cornices, and swags for a touch of elegance.

No matter what type of business you own, Window Treats Inc. can help you find the perfect commercial window treatments in NJ and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of having quality products at an affordable price, which is why we strive to deliver the best possible experience and product for your business. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way, so contact us today to get started!


Why Not Simply Buy Pre-Made Window Treatments?

When it comes to commercial window treatments, it's important to have a customized fit so that the products can last and look their best. Pre-made window treatments can often be flimsy and ill-fitting, while custom products will give your business a professional look that lasts. Plus, with the help of our experienced team, you will get the perfect combination of style and function.

Some other benefits of opting for customized treatments include:

  • Tax Write-Offs: Are commercial window treatments an investment? Yes, but they can be written off as an improvement for your business!

  • Added Security: Customized window treatments can add another layer of security to your business by blocking out unwanted views from the outside and providing privacy. However, this privacy goes out the window if you accidentally leave gaps, so make sure the fit is perfect! 

  • Prevent Accidents: The last thing you want is your customers or staff getting injured due to unsecured window treatments. Customized treatments do away with those worries and guarantee a secure fit that won't cause any accidents.

  • Customization: Your window treatments can be customized with branding and logos in order to help further your business's identity and values.

At Window Treats Inc., we understand the importance of having quality window treatments for your business. We offer custom fitting, competitive prices, and experienced professionals who can help you find the perfect products for your business.

How Long Will Installation Take?

Installation time varies depending on the number of windows and treatments, but most installations can be completed in a single day. Our team works quickly and efficiently to get your window treatments up fast, so you won't have to worry about disrupting your business for too long.

  1. We'll visit your business and take measurements so that we can create the perfect custom treatments. Then, we'll schedule a time to install your window treatments while you're closed. By taking accurate measurements and using premium materials, we guarantee a perfect fit and a stunning look that you can be proud of.
  2. Then we'll need to determine an installation time based on the number of windows you have and the type of treatments you want. We understand that your business has a schedule, so we'll try our best to work with you to find a solution that works for everyone.
  3. After installation, our team will ensure all the window treatments are securely fastened and properly aligned. At Window Treats Inc., we take pride in our work and guarantee a perfect fit for all your windows. 
  4. Finally, we want to ensure that you have the perfect commercial window treatments in NJ and surrounding areas. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if anything isn't to your liking, we'll ensure it gets fixed immediately.


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At Window Treats Inc., our mission is to provide quality window treatments and always keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. We know that the perfect commercial window treatments can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your business, so let us help you create something special! Contact us today to get started on your custom window treatment project. We look forward to working with you and helping your business look its best.

Window Treats Inc. in Red Bank, New Jersey offers Hunter Douglas window treatments including curtainsblindsshades, and shutters. These can all be made into motorized blinds, shades, and integrated into a home automation system.

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